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04 24 2011

On Sewbuds we are doing a cq rr. The blocks that get sent around can be brand new, or already worked one. The way we are organizing it is that all blocks just keep going till the owner decides it’s full. When she pulls it out of circulation, another one can go in, and at any time a new person can jump into the rotation, as long as there is a month’s notice so that we can adjust the rotation .

This is Cris R.’s block. She did the cross stitched pansy and the blackwork butterflyl Take a good look here cause they are done on 14 count waste canvas but look smaller to me..perfect stitching.

This is Susan N.’s work on the same block:Her stitches are so even and perfect too….and i love the thread. She said that it was SassaLynne thread.

And the next o scan is my work. I added a little bit of a piece of lace to the top patch and put down a string of pale pinky-lavender beads. Susan sent me the lace. The long seam is also a piece of lace that i cut into small sections in order to scallop it the way that you see it here. Originally it was a straight piece of lace on one side and scalloped on the other. Using laces is a bit of a stretch for me.


04 17 2011

Here is a scan of the work i did on Susan N.’s block. I am done now and the block will get mailed to Jane C. tomorrow!

04 17 2011

Susan N. block ,unadorned, and also with some work by me. Susan really likes things simple and that’s what i tired to too sure how successfully. Couldn;t resist the row of beading and that may be too heavy for Susan;s taste. I like it though, reminds me of wheat ears..

02 27 2011

Here is a picture of some fabric…i know i know….but we were having a discussion of color and someone mentioned that they were craving to see some manly fabric after working with sugar sweet pastels…so here is some manly fabric that i came across….. in my stash<

Today the Sewbuds recieved the news that RAB’s father passed away during last night. One of our members, Cris-who is by the way a very loving and kind human being, suggested that we make a “”heart shower”” for RA, and even sent us a template so that our hearts would be the same size. Knowing that RA”s favorite color is green…and NOT PINK! made making the embroidery on her heart both easy, and hard. Easy because there were fewer color balance decisions to make, and harder for the same reason…it made the balance of textures more important and the balancing of the colors i did use more important. I like the way it turned out. I wanted to add a butterfly above the tree, but i didn;t have a MOP butterfly button that fit, and my skills at butterflies are almost nil, and less than nil on the small scale. The heart is 6 by 5 (almost 6) by the way. Clickiing on the image opens it to a larger size.

and here is a picture of Maggie taken several days ago….i can;t help myself, she is just too cute!

02 11 2011(3)

Here are some scans of two patch robin blocks…i have mine back as it was quite small….when i see it again i will make more scans of it….my sewing room is pretty much a hazardous area…..
at any rate, there were three of us and the idea was that we each started our block with one patch and a
motif, then sent in on,. The next person would put on a patch and a motif, and so on around till it was filled. My little block was only about 6 by 8 if that, dorothy’s is fully 10 inches square if not a little more, and Rose Anne’s is a bit smaller than that. Rose Anne’s block is the one you will see first…she started with a wonderful tan patch with a spider and web…she does really amazing work…Dorothy did the feather stitch heart and the leaf outline and RA put the stars and angel on the dark green patch and aslo the incredible beaded dragonfly. She also put on some great tatting…. I did whatever else is on the block….the button and bead cluster, the three charms -fairy and two dragonflies, the crocheted rose, the big embroidered leaf cluster with the purple crochet flower and the string of beads meandering around the edges of the angel patch and down toward the bead cluster…

here are the crochet pansies Dorothy did on RA’s block…so delicate and wonderful pale colors..

here is Dorothy’s block, at least all of it that would fit on the scanner…..
Dorothy did the the first patch, a beautiful upholstery fabric that was a dream to embroider through, it;s the center one that is mostly blue and yellow and has the paisley embroidered on it….i did all the beading within the paisley and around it….also put the white patch on to the left and did the beading on that patch. The colors in the upholstery fabric patch made me think of the french meditteranean and so in the white beaded patch i tried to make it wavy and foamy like water shining in the sun. RA did amazing tatting and put on the lovely lovely lovey fan…..Dorothy added her beautiful pansies and i added the light blue patch you see at the botton(i think you can only see some of it..)

01 27 2011

The second heart for March is on the Heart Bom page. The page tab is at the top of the blog, and you can click on the picture to get a larger view. It’s a cotton cq heart, and the daffodil on it(lower right corner) had the yellow petals and trumpet part detached .That was fun to do, and a bit of a challenge since it is pretty small.

Still working on the Pioneer Braid quilt top for my brother….also very fun! the beginning of that is on the FNSI page, or..the Friday Night Sew In….the button for that is on the sidebar and even though the “official” sew in is only once a month, friday nights are a good night to set aside specifically for sewing..especially on this quilt top! Am not making quilt length strips of the braid, doing much shorter units and putting brightly colored strips around them..they will then be assembled and spaces will be filled around them with 9 patches and checkerboards, also in highly saturated colors. As more units get photographed, that’s the page they will be on.

In the meantime….here is something to make us think of spring…and even though parts of the country have had non-stop snow and bitter cold, spring will for sure come this year, and with it all the flowers we love!

December 07, 2010 Christmas Stocking by Maureen B.

Maureen B. of CrazyQStitcher has kindly allowed me to upload these photos. They are of a christmas stocking that was languishing in her dauthter’s stash. Both she and Catherine worked on it….isn;t it just phenomenal!