Here is a picture of some fabric…i know i know….but we were having a discussion of color and someone mentioned that they were craving to see some manly fabric after working with sugar sweet pastels…so here is some manly fabric that i came across….. in my stash<

Today the Sewbuds recieved the news that RAB’s father passed away during last night. One of our members, Cris-who is by the way a very loving and kind human being, suggested that we make a “”heart shower”” for RA, and even sent us a template so that our hearts would be the same size. Knowing that RA”s favorite color is green…and NOT PINK! made making the embroidery on her heart both easy, and hard. Easy because there were fewer color balance decisions to make, and harder for the same reason…it made the balance of textures more important and the balancing of the colors i did use more important. I like the way it turned out. I wanted to add a butterfly above the tree, but i didn;t have a MOP butterfly button that fit, and my skills at butterflies are almost nil, and less than nil on the small scale. The heart is 6 by 5 (almost 6) by the way. Clickiing on the image opens it to a larger size.

and here is a picture of Maggie taken several days ago….i can;t help myself, she is just too cute!