Here are some scans of two patch robin blocks…i have mine back as it was quite small….when i see it again i will make more scans of it….my sewing room is pretty much a hazardous area…..
at any rate, there were three of us and the idea was that we each started our block with one patch and a
motif, then sent in on,. The next person would put on a patch and a motif, and so on around till it was filled. My little block was only about 6 by 8 if that, dorothy’s is fully 10 inches square if not a little more, and Rose Anne’s is a bit smaller than that. Rose Anne’s block is the one you will see first…she started with a wonderful tan patch with a spider and web…she does really amazing work…Dorothy did the feather stitch heart and the leaf outline and RA put the stars and angel on the dark green patch and aslo the incredible beaded dragonfly. She also put on some great tatting…. I did whatever else is on the block….the button and bead cluster, the three charms -fairy and two dragonflies, the crocheted rose, the big embroidered leaf cluster with the purple crochet flower and the string of beads meandering around the edges of the angel patch and down toward the bead cluster…

here are the crochet pansies Dorothy did on RA’s block…so delicate and wonderful pale colors..

here is Dorothy’s block, at least all of it that would fit on the scanner…..
Dorothy did the the first patch, a beautiful upholstery fabric that was a dream to embroider through, it;s the center one that is mostly blue and yellow and has the paisley embroidered on it….i did all the beading within the paisley and around it….also put the white patch on to the left and did the beading on that patch. The colors in the upholstery fabric patch made me think of the french meditteranean and so in the white beaded patch i tried to make it wavy and foamy like water shining in the sun. RA did amazing tatting and put on the lovely lovely lovey fan…..Dorothy added her beautiful pansies and i added the light blue patch you see at the botton(i think you can only see some of it..)