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04 17 2011

Here is a scan of the work i did on Susan N.’s block. I am done now and the block will get mailed to Jane C. tomorrow!


04 17 2011

Susan N. block ,unadorned, and also with some work by me. Susan really likes things simple and that’s what i tired to too sure how successfully. Couldn;t resist the row of beading and that may be too heavy for Susan;s taste. I like it though, reminds me of wheat ears..

04 05 2011

A small experiment using machine zig zag stitch to embroider(and scraps of course to make the background). The picture will enlarge if clicked once or twice.

03 25 2011

Friday already…and a good day to stitch since it’s quite chilly outside.
Here’s what got worked on today- trying to sew an exactly straight line without any stretching or other distortion of the fabrics. Among the many other suggestions(which will all get tried , one by one) was this one by Margaret P. from Australia. She said to try a quilt as you go type method. Make your strip sets, then do the subcuts. Then instead of sewing the subcuts together sew them down to the batting and backing all in one step. It did help to keep them from distorting into totally wonky squares(read, NON-squares.)

Once all the binding was one, did a little embroiderty. Also realized, once again that making the miters is ok, but darned if know how to keep my corners straight and also from having all kinds of excess bulk. Guess that’s the next thing to focus on!

Here is the front-it’s about 6 inches square.

and here’s the back-

Happy stitching everyone. More tomorrow!

03 01 2011

It was wonderful to recently re-open email contact with someone I like very much. Mandy has a delightful blog in which she shares all of her needlework passions..making fabric, free motion embroidery , knitting, and counted thread work.We met on a now defunct group and she once sent me a card with a small bit of blackwork on it.Beautiful! At that time counted work of any kind was way out of my league, especially on small count fabrics..actually out of my league is a euphemism for, couldn;t do it at all. Couldn”t see the holes,couldn”t focus, and since i was working, the time involved to learn how to do a good job was beyond what i had.Which isn;t to say that i didn;t love seeing it, and yearned to do it..and do still love seeing it.About two years ago i felt finally able to tackle it. Got some of the Skinner Sistersoff the shelf, took out a ball of Presencia perle cotton in a pretty variegated colorway and started on the Aida 14 that i had. I could see the holes!

The colorway that i used doesn;t seem to be available anymore and the ball is all used up….but Finca perle Cotton is a jy to use. It also comes in 16 weight which i love. At $1.75 a ball, for the 12 weight, thisis surely one of the cheapest sources around.

Once finished with the two pieces using the Skinner Sisters chart, i got out more 14 count aida and some regular floss and just decided to do some fill patterns in a sort of band sampler format.

Here are a bunch of links to various blackwork sites, and also to a wonderful blackwork group on Yahoo.

First, one of my all time favorite blogs to read,Mary Corbett’s. .This will take you to her free blackwork pattern, but while you are there, take a good look around. It’s an amazing blog, full of information, both in video tutorials about stithes, and in still images of how she goes about the stitching she does.She also has a great archive of free vector images suitable for all kinds of embroidery.

Next up, are the Blackwork Archiveswhich houses an wonderful variety of designs and fill patterns. Lots of information as well on the history and uses of blackwork. You could get lost there.

No post would be complete without a Wikipedia reference , and here it is.How can you not love Wikipedia?

While there are many many more blogs and websites, this is one i found just recently and wanted to share. Fiona’s blogis one i will be visiting again for a fuller look!

Here are the pieces:
First up, from the Skinner Sisters, Spaniche Splendor. It is a page from Peter Quentel’s 1527 Modelbuch. The whole sampler is not here. There is a band at the bottom that is not done.

Next up is a very small name tag, the design is mine. Of course no designs are truly original as they are usually made of bits and pieces from all over the place.

The last is the band sampler. The overall placement is mine, many of the patterns are fill patterns from various books, and one of them(the dense multicolored one) got it’s inspiration from Wessex sttichery.

02 27 2011

Here is a picture of some fabric…i know i know….but we were having a discussion of color and someone mentioned that they were craving to see some manly fabric after working with sugar sweet pastels…so here is some manly fabric that i came across….. in my stash<

Today the Sewbuds recieved the news that RAB’s father passed away during last night. One of our members, Cris-who is by the way a very loving and kind human being, suggested that we make a “”heart shower”” for RA, and even sent us a template so that our hearts would be the same size. Knowing that RA”s favorite color is green…and NOT PINK! made making the embroidery on her heart both easy, and hard. Easy because there were fewer color balance decisions to make, and harder for the same reason…it made the balance of textures more important and the balancing of the colors i did use more important. I like the way it turned out. I wanted to add a butterfly above the tree, but i didn;t have a MOP butterfly button that fit, and my skills at butterflies are almost nil, and less than nil on the small scale. The heart is 6 by 5 (almost 6) by the way. Clickiing on the image opens it to a larger size.

and here is a picture of Maggie taken several days ago….i can;t help myself, she is just too cute!

02 25 2011

The Mug Rug is done….it was a challenge to figure out how to get the embroidery on there once the decision to add it was made. All that is left is to embroider my signature on the back…