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04 23 2011

Here’s a holiday card..made with an offcut from a machine being demonstrated at a local sewing shop. The offcut is the green background. They were making green trees, and i asked for the offcuts. Amy is about the sweetest person i know and gave them to me. Two years later, this is the card that got made from the first cut.

The offcut already had fusible web on the back, so it got ironed onto the red fabric square. The red was fused to some medium weight pellon prior to having the offcut put on..then a machine buttonhole all around the inner edge of the red tree ..some beading…then the backing. The backing fabric was fused to paper fusible, and ironed onto the card. A very close and wide zig zag finished the edges rather well. There are a few fuzzies but they will be cut off.

With three or four more of these offcuts there is room to play with embellishments on the tree.


04 21 2011

A needlebook made quite a few years ago and i just found it!When i worked i used to take sewing in to work on during breaks and had a tool box for the supplies….this was in the toolbox! Now you know how long it”s
been since i looked at what is in that toolbox, cause i’ve been retired since November 2007!

Also decided to try a little something in the way of circles…this is a 6 inch finished sized block and making them a few at a time shouldn;t be too bad. They are hand appliqued, which you can certainly tell by looking at the wobbly edges of the circle.The other blocks will be different color wedges and different color backgrounds. When it comes time to sew them into a top,the sashing and cornerstones will be all the same.

It’s been a while since my furkids got posted about…today each of them got to go for a walk around the
property. It was Maggie’s first time walking on a leash and she did really well. Then she got to go into the fenced in area and be off the leash. What fun. Walking the perimeter of the fence it was easy to see now where is needs some work to make it flush to the ground.

and here;s the big boy!

that’s all for now!

04 05 2011

A small experiment using machine zig zag stitch to embroider(and scraps of course to make the background). The picture will enlarge if clicked once or twice.

03 23 2011

Lots going on and there are some wonderful things that have happened…last night was Ryaku Fusatsu at the
Zen Center of Pittsburgh. This is a very ancient service in which those participating renew their comittment to the 16 bodhissatva precepts.These precepts are not commandments, but rather are a guide to compassionate and useful ways of being in the world.Applying them to daily life is not a matter of black and white rules, but of how best to interpret them in a given situation, and also serve as a matrix from which to BE.

There is much chanting and the ino (a temple job position) leads it. Ryan was our ino last night and his chanting resonates . Not only does he have a beautiful chanting voice, but the intonations and his rendering are just beautiful. Ryaku Fusatsu takes place once a month, on the Tuesday nearest the full moon.

The Seasons BOM yahoo group recently hosted a rug mug swap. What a great way to practice piecing skills and make something small and useful.

The one made for Pat S.(my secret swap partner) is the blue and white ladder one that was posted.

Then there is this one, made for me by Kathy Bowers. She also inclluded a copy of her book, which can be found here .Stitch,Sprit and Sew is about making curved piecing a breeze! It will wonderful to get started on the projects that are included.

Here is some information about Kathy, and I can add that she is a delight!

And here is the mug rug that she made using her techniques. It is such a beauty that i have it hanging on the refrigerator as a piece of cheer.

I think the fabrics are so pretty, and the colors are so clear and clean. You should see the mitering, frot and back. Of course only the front is here showing, but be assured,the mitering on the back is perfect too!

Even though there is much more happening, this is it for this post.

May you be well, and happy stitching!

02 11 2011(3)

Here are some scans of two patch robin blocks…i have mine back as it was quite small….when i see it again i will make more scans of it….my sewing room is pretty much a hazardous area…..
at any rate, there were three of us and the idea was that we each started our block with one patch and a
motif, then sent in on,. The next person would put on a patch and a motif, and so on around till it was filled. My little block was only about 6 by 8 if that, dorothy’s is fully 10 inches square if not a little more, and Rose Anne’s is a bit smaller than that. Rose Anne’s block is the one you will see first…she started with a wonderful tan patch with a spider and web…she does really amazing work…Dorothy did the feather stitch heart and the leaf outline and RA put the stars and angel on the dark green patch and aslo the incredible beaded dragonfly. She also put on some great tatting…. I did whatever else is on the block….the button and bead cluster, the three charms -fairy and two dragonflies, the crocheted rose, the big embroidered leaf cluster with the purple crochet flower and the string of beads meandering around the edges of the angel patch and down toward the bead cluster…

here are the crochet pansies Dorothy did on RA’s block…so delicate and wonderful pale colors..

here is Dorothy’s block, at least all of it that would fit on the scanner…..
Dorothy did the the first patch, a beautiful upholstery fabric that was a dream to embroider through, it;s the center one that is mostly blue and yellow and has the paisley embroidered on it….i did all the beading within the paisley and around it….also put the white patch on to the left and did the beading on that patch. The colors in the upholstery fabric patch made me think of the french meditteranean and so in the white beaded patch i tried to make it wavy and foamy like water shining in the sun. RA did amazing tatting and put on the lovely lovely lovey fan…..Dorothy added her beautiful pansies and i added the light blue patch you see at the botton(i think you can only see some of it..)

01 28 2011-Click the pictures to enlarge

Finally took some pictures of a little mat i made not too long ago. It;s very stiff, the inside is craft felt, and i use it in the kitchen on the counter to put under the coffee maker. It is made completely of odd strips of really cheap fabric. It isn;t cotton, and was probably 50 cents a yard offcuts. Don;t ask me why i even had any. I just made it to use up the little pieces i found. After having it sit around a bit, i found that i really like the colors together, and so i put a binding on it and now it’s being used.Maybe it’s 10 by 13?

And here is some knitting. The first is a really small moebius strip practice piece….i mean really small, i think it’s maybe 4 iinches around(in the center opening) and 8 inches or so deep, if you could lay it flat. i used the cast on technique by Iris Schreier.. If you click on her name it will take you to the You Tube Video where she shows how to do it.
Doing this was total fun and amazing to see it develop.

The next is also a very small thing. It’s a practice piece also. I knit 9 stitches on dpn’s, about 2 inches or so worth, then put 6 on a holder. Took the three on the needle and made icord for 4 inches…..then knit it onto the base, picked up the second three and did the same, weaving the second icord through the first before knitting it onto the base, then repeated with the last 3 stitches. I have no idea where i would ever use this technique but it sure was fun figuring it out….

And last and probably least, are some little hearts cut out and ready to be needleturn appliqued onto a block. The small red ones are about 2 inches at the most from the bottom point of the heart to the curve at the top..the larger blue ones are maybe 4 inches but i don;t think so..maybe 3 and a half. At any rate, they are not overly large.

December 24th, 2010

For thoseĀ  whose celebrations revolve around christmas day…..Merry Christmas…for those whose celebrations revolve around other holidays, or aspects of the season……happy happy…..may no one be hungry,.

January BOM….here it is! Finally found some appropriate blue fabrics in the stash. I have been in the process of putting all my stash in totes so that i can get the area really cleaned up and maybe organized! Lucky for me these fabrics hadn’t yet made it to a tote!