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05 30 2011

More catching up with photos from a guild workshop…

This was actually quite fun…the teacher ran us through the Road To Camp Gravatt by Bonnie Hunter. The directions on Bonnie’s site don;t really give you yardages since she uses scraps to cut individual pieces but the teacher was able to give us some approximations.

You can find the quilt that Bonnie did and her instructions here.
You can download the instructions we were given here
You click on the star that says “”click here”” and the insructions open up in a pdf that you can save.

This is the teacher, on the right, in the back with Shirley L. Shirley is person who does the gulid quilt for the raffle held at the show.

This is the quilt that the teacher made from the instructions , i think it’s really pretty. She told us she did not have to size up one block!

This is Pat, my tablemate on Friday. We had such a ball and she is such a lovely lady.

And here are some of the quilts the teacher brought for her show and tell…super nice quilts.

I dont know everyone’s name and this is not all the folks that were there, but i was having such a good time i forgot to take pictures all the way through!

Next post will have more pictures from the next day…it was really cool that some of us were able to work on both of the days since there was space!


05 28 2011 #2

I composited the rest of the pics from the guild meeting…learning as i went, as you will see!

05 28 2011

looks like some catching up here is in order….

so, here it is…number 1 post today….lol…not sure how many i’ll do today to catch up on the news in between, but here goes. The last quilt guild meeting(April 27th) that i went to had a lovely program given by Shaffer’s Country Quilting.We did small mug rugs using black wool on the top with a bit of wool applique.Lots of fun and boy did they have a great selection of samples for us. It was eye candy heaven. Here are some pics of their display…

When i finish my little mug rug and get pictures taken of it, they will get uploaded.

In the meantime, we were all having fun in the usual way…chatting, eating, etc. One of the founding(or at least one of the first members of the guild died over the winter and her son has been bringing her quilting stuff to the guild for us to sell or give away…whatever seems most appropriate . Sally made many many small vests from cotton and they were lined as well. I bought one from the this table that you can see in the back of the room….

The one i bought is a blue and black print….all kinds of little quilt blocks printed on it. It really doesn;t fit me, although of course i can get it on…and will start wearing it as quilt guild meeting when they start up again in the fall. Long ago when i was a more active member of the guild we made a quilt for Sally. The intention was to make a quilt, give it away to a member, then start on another one…some members of the guild went into uproar mood cause Sally was picked as the first one and they felt that we should havehad a big vote and maybe it someone would not like it etc etc….so we never did any others(what a shame) but when sally died, she chose that quilt as her shroud!her vest has a lot of meaning for me.

Here are some members of the guild and shots of the library that gets set up every meeting…and of course the EATS! how can you have a guild meeting without food!

Sue and Gladys(on the right) have been long time members. Gladys used to run the boutique the guild had in the corner of the space where the Guild show is held.Did a great hob of it too!

This is Eleanor…a retired nurse ( i hope i am right about that, at any rate, she worked in one of the local hospitals) and was our membership chair for a few years….what a sweetie!

This Debby(wiht the longer hair) who runs the Saturday sew In’s. Once a month on a Saturday guild members can actually get together and sew on whatever they want…it’s a great time and the hall is rented for all day so you can come at 9 and stay till 4, or come later, and stay till…four is the end of the day.

Here’s Joy, doing the block lotto. Block lotto is one my favorite things as this is the only way that members have to be part of quilts that other members may make… most block lottos go, so too this one….Joy decides on a block and presents it with the pattern and any fabric suggestions she has…we all take a copy and make (if we want) one or more blocks. The names are put in a basket and one is picked. The winner gets all the blocks.Here’s the block that was made last month—pretty isn;t it!

I don;t know the names of these two ladies but check out those smiles! Beautiful, and they are selling show pins. our pins are usually very nice looking and well made and they sell well to the members and also to those attending the show.AThe show is always in OCtober and is at Brady’s Run Park in the Lodge building. There is a terriffic kitchen too in the lodge and we make and sell food. I will be volunteering to help in the kitchen this year.

This is Karen F.(on the right) and Ellie H….they are two folks responsible for introducing the idea of having a show in the first place. Kudos many times over for their dedication to making it not only happen that first year, but in convincing us it could be done.Ellie has made some award winning quilts and has one published as well. She loves feedsacks and at one time had a trememndous collection. Don;t know if she still does.Elli’s quilting cannot be pigeon holed..she is an amazing designer and quilter….i’ll have to see if she has any pics of her quilts i can show you…

karen is also a phenomenal quilter and introduced our fairly traditional quilt to the idea of embelleshing and small quilts. She is also , like Ellie, a very generous and kind person. Curretnly she teaches us how to use EQ 6 and 7 on one Tuesday evening am month.Folks meet at the local panera bread with their laptops and get lessons!

Three more members….darlene was in charge of the two day workshop that i went to. Pictures and accounts of it will be in a future post…..

the photo above is mary and the library. It’s quite a good sized librAry and she does the hard job of schlepping it all in boxes to and from the meetings…she deserves a big thank you for this!

thenextt bunch of pictures are of other members, not all of whom i have names for. It’s been a long time since i was actie in the quild and there are new members.

there are more pics of members but i am now pretty tired…so will have to make another post for them….later…lol….and will make sure i have the little mug rug to show as well!

04 22 2011

Some recent work on a quilt top-put together with squares and now up to the borders.

This pieces(on the floor) is now joined to this piece(on the wall) and they are both of course even at the edges…

So that is some of what i will be doing tonight, getting the borders ready …which means laying out the quilt on the floor and hoping that the dogs don’t step all over it !

04 21 2011

A needlebook made quite a few years ago and i just found it!When i worked i used to take sewing in to work on during breaks and had a tool box for the supplies….this was in the toolbox! Now you know how long it”s
been since i looked at what is in that toolbox, cause i’ve been retired since November 2007!

Also decided to try a little something in the way of circles…this is a 6 inch finished sized block and making them a few at a time shouldn;t be too bad. They are hand appliqued, which you can certainly tell by looking at the wobbly edges of the circle.The other blocks will be different color wedges and different color backgrounds. When it comes time to sew them into a top,the sashing and cornerstones will be all the same.

It’s been a while since my furkids got posted about…today each of them got to go for a walk around the
property. It was Maggie’s first time walking on a leash and she did really well. Then she got to go into the fenced in area and be off the leash. What fun. Walking the perimeter of the fence it was easy to see now where is needs some work to make it flush to the ground.

and here;s the big boy!

that’s all for now!

04 20 2011

Never in my life did i think i would get so excited about a potholder….honestly! I have been trying and trying to get some skill on attached binding and having all the corners lay flat, and the miters be mitered….also i really wanted to make something useful for me that was also not something that wasn;t good enough to give away.

Here is a needlelace heart..i don;t think i posted this before, but it is getting mailed in the morning.It will be
stuffed once it arrives.

And finally a mug rug i made for the organizer of the mug rug swap as a sort of small thank you….

Have been doing a lot of thinking about AD(alzheimer’s disease)and the concept of self…not from the standpoint of no-self, but from the side of functioning in daily life….i have heard people say that the person with AD is not the person they knew….in many big ways of course that is a sad truth…but who is it then?
If your mother has AD and you say, that’s not my mother, she isn;t in there anymore…then is “”mother”” and the relationship with mother only an artifact of relating to brain coordinated activities? Didn’t this person still change your diapers..and everything else in preparation for you to in the world?Is she not still your mother, albeit a mother with a brain disease? Is what we are finally really only seated in the brain?

04 19 2011

I am in need of potholders!and i really like the idea of making them…small and useful, they are a project easily and quickly finished. In book the technique called for layers of terry cloth between the design fabric and abias binding with a nice way to make the loop….welllllll…since i didn;t use bias binding, the loop dodn ;t work….and stitching even by machine through the terry cloth was really hard. I suspect it is the machine since it doesn;t do well going over doubled seams either… I could barely get the foot raised enough to get the sandwich in there ! but, in it went and now i have a very sturdy hot pad…and in a color i really like. the binding is filled completely which gives it that sturdy feel too.

here it is…