More catching up with photos from a guild workshop…

This was actually quite fun…the teacher ran us through the Road To Camp Gravatt by Bonnie Hunter. The directions on Bonnie’s site don;t really give you yardages since she uses scraps to cut individual pieces but the teacher was able to give us some approximations.

You can find the quilt that Bonnie did and her instructions here.
You can download the instructions we were given here
You click on the star that says “”click here”” and the insructions open up in a pdf that you can save.

This is the teacher, on the right, in the back with Shirley L. Shirley is person who does the gulid quilt for the raffle held at the show.

This is the quilt that the teacher made from the instructions , i think it’s really pretty. She told us she did not have to size up one block!

This is Pat, my tablemate on Friday. We had such a ball and she is such a lovely lady.

And here are some of the quilts the teacher brought for her show and tell…super nice quilts.

I dont know everyone’s name and this is not all the folks that were there, but i was having such a good time i forgot to take pictures all the way through!

Next post will have more pictures from the next day…it was really cool that some of us were able to work on both of the days since there was space!