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04 21 2011

A needlebook made quite a few years ago and i just found it!When i worked i used to take sewing in to work on during breaks and had a tool box for the supplies….this was in the toolbox! Now you know how long it”s
been since i looked at what is in that toolbox, cause i’ve been retired since November 2007!

Also decided to try a little something in the way of circles…this is a 6 inch finished sized block and making them a few at a time shouldn;t be too bad. They are hand appliqued, which you can certainly tell by looking at the wobbly edges of the circle.The other blocks will be different color wedges and different color backgrounds. When it comes time to sew them into a top,the sashing and cornerstones will be all the same.

It’s been a while since my furkids got posted about…today each of them got to go for a walk around the
property. It was Maggie’s first time walking on a leash and she did really well. Then she got to go into the fenced in area and be off the leash. What fun. Walking the perimeter of the fence it was easy to see now where is needs some work to make it flush to the ground.

and here;s the big boy!

that’s all for now!


03 26 2011

Just some things to use up scraps from the scraps … and to practice with these strip sets…getting to the point where i just don;t think they will ever be as reliable a way to get things pieced as just putting one patch with another and sewing the seam.

Using up the scraps, and also some small pieces of yardage is very satisfying. The sense of utility, not wasting, and being a bit resourceful too touches something deep. There is so much built in waste…things are on purpose made to become obsolete, ideas are drummed in from every direction-get new, get more,the old is not good enough any longer… a very small way this feels a quiet NO to all that…

anyway..the red and white checkerboard is from some cow fabric and muslin.A long time ago someone i was swapping with just had to have cows, any kind of cow, any color.So now there is no longer a rectangle of cow fabric, just small bits in this table topper. The even smaller piece red and muslin piece represents the end of the cow fabric!!!!! Yay.

The purple and blue piece with the orange plaid backing is also a table mat, and also from scraps. The pieces weren;t big enough to put into a quilt that’s hanging on the design wall….and needing a break from the bigger piece, this got made. It;s in the process of being hand quilted with embroidery thread and very big stitches.

And last but certainly not least is a picture of Sin Huevos and Maggie….taken the day before yesterday. It;s not a particularly good picture but it shows them together …they are actually beginning to play together.And Sin Huevos is so funnty. Normally he wouldn;t be bothered to chase a toy , but he got tired of seeing me throw toys for Maggie. She loves to play with toys…and will go running as fast as she can to go get them. Sin Huevos has not gotten in on the deal…he will go get a toy that’s been thrown and then get on the sofa with it so Maggie can;t have it. What a hoot.

02 26 2011

Sewed on the Pioneer Braid quilt last…added strips to the sides of already prepared braids. Working in shorter than quilt-length units is so much easier than trying to trim them when they are 60 or more inches long! Those pics are on the FNSI page, the tab for that page is at the top of the blog.

Here are two pictures of maggie and sin huevos, taken a few minutes ago. What can i say….i think they great dogs, great furkids and beautiful!

And finally, some other images from my collection…

This is WOODNYMPHS by Hazel Brown

02 11 2011(2)

Here a couple of pictures taken last night of my two furkids…Maggie is the clipped down westie(white dog)
and the big guy(cream colored) is Sin Huevos. Click on the pictures and they will open to a larger size in a new window.

Also here is a photo of some amazing threads I recieved from Susan N. of Desertsky Quilting

Thie pink and white piece of knitting they are sitting on is a quite large and thick dishcloth. It”s made with two strands of cotton, one is the regular worsted weight cotton in white, and the second strand is a fine pink and white all cotton yarn. the basic pattern is the basic dishcloth that wears like iron and everyone loves:

Using the needles of your choice:
cast on 4
knit one row
Row 2) knit 2, yo,k2
repeat row two till you think you like the size, or till 44 stitches are on the needles(the rows will be, k2, yo,k to the end of the row).
Row 3) knit 1,knit 2 tog,yo,knit 2 tog, knit to the end of the row.
Repeat row three till there are 4 stitches on the needles.
Knit next row and bind off. Weave in edges.

This is the dishcloth that gives you that nice edge all around.