04 22 2011

Some recent work on a quilt top-put together with squares and strips..am now up to the borders.

This pieces(on the floor) is now joined to this piece(on the wall) and they are both of course even at the edges…

So that is some of what i will be doing tonight, getting the borders ready …which means laying out the quilt on the floor and hoping that the dogs don’t step all over it !


04 21 2011

A needlebook made quite a few years ago and i just found it!When i worked i used to take sewing in to work on during breaks and had a tool box for the supplies….this was in the toolbox! Now you know how long it”s
been since i looked at what is in that toolbox, cause i’ve been retired since November 2007!

Also decided to try a little something in the way of circles…this is a 6 inch finished sized block and making them a few at a time shouldn;t be too bad. They are hand appliqued, which you can certainly tell by looking at the wobbly edges of the circle.The other blocks will be different color wedges and different color backgrounds. When it comes time to sew them into a top,the sashing and cornerstones will be all the same.

It’s been a while since my furkids got posted about…today each of them got to go for a walk around the
property. It was Maggie’s first time walking on a leash and she did really well. Then she got to go into the fenced in area and be off the leash. What fun. Walking the perimeter of the fence it was easy to see now where is needs some work to make it flush to the ground.

and here;s the big boy!

that’s all for now!

04 20 2011

More pictures! This time it is of the various clumps of daffodils blooming around the house, backyard and front. I only planted the ones in front…the ones in the back are from who knows when and this year a clump of narcissi showed up for the first time! And also a very pretty blue clump of flowers. If anyone knows what they are, please give a yell! And there is a flowering tree of some sort that while not blooming profusely, is at least blooming a bit. The back yard backs on to a woods that goes down one hill crosses a creek and go up another one. On the other side of the woods is a trailer park which you can see all of when the trees are bare, and none of when they aren;t.

04 20 2011

Never in my life did i think i would get so excited about a potholder….honestly! I have been trying and trying to get some skill on attached binding and having all the corners lay flat, and the miters be mitered….also i really wanted to make something useful for me that was also not something that wasn;t good enough to give away.

Here is a needlelace heart..i don;t think i posted this before, but it is getting mailed in the morning.It will be
stuffed once it arrives.

And finally a mug rug i made for the organizer of the mug rug swap as a sort of small thank you….

Have been doing a lot of thinking about AD(alzheimer’s disease)and the concept of self…not from the standpoint of no-self, but from the side of functioning in daily life….i have heard people say that the person with AD is not the person they knew….in many big ways of course that is a sad truth…but who is it then?
If your mother has AD and you say, that’s not my mother, she isn;t in there anymore…then is “”mother”” and the relationship with mother only an artifact of relating to brain coordinated activities? Didn’t this person still change your diapers..and everything else in preparation for you to in the world?Is she not still your mother, albeit a mother with a brain disease? Is what we are finally really only seated in the brain?

04 19 2011

I am in need of potholders!and i really like the idea of making them…small and useful, they are a project easily and quickly finished. In book the technique called for layers of terry cloth between the design fabric and abias binding with a nice way to make the loop….welllllll…since i didn;t use bias binding, the loop dodn ;t work….and stitching even by machine through the terry cloth was really hard. I suspect it is the machine since it doesn;t do well going over doubled seams either… I could barely get the foot raised enough to get the sandwich in there ! but, in it went and now i have a very sturdy hot pad…and in a color i really like. the binding is filled completely which gives it that sturdy feel too.

here it is…

04 18 2011

Here are two projects that have made it to the -top done- stage…both are small. The blue and white one is an old quilting ufo that i recently came across in a box while looking for some fabric. The blue green and gold one is recently made while trying to perfect some skills at making corners meet and putting squares on point.

Also finished reading a book by Thomas DiBaggio-Losing My Mind. It is about his struggle to live having Alzheimers Disease. There is much poetry in the book, and much anguish. It weaves three threads around each other…a memoir of his life, research on AD, and his observations of his own deteriorating mind. The observations of his mind are also chronicles of the emotional upheaval that he goes through.

04 17 2011

Here is a scan of the work i did on Susan N.’s block. I am done now and the block will get mailed to Jane C. tomorrow!