03 11 2011 FRIDAY NIGHT SEW IN…..see the side bar for the button! Heidi’s blog is very cool and you might just want to join in the friday night craziness.
Have been sewing all day and for the last couple of days really on a lap sized quilt. Mostly it began as a way to use up some fabric that i didn;t have that much of. Had to move some dining room stuff out of the way to finally put up a mini design wall of sorts. I have a big one in the basement but it is too cold to sew there during the winter.Got tired of previewing sections by getting up and down every few times at the sewing machine. Another thing finally happened as well…did something about the slipping acrylic rulers. Used to have some sandpaper dots but not anymore…SOBA glue to the rescue….it dries perfectly clear, and provides enough grip that the rulers don’t slip anymmore. YAY!!!

02 26 2011

It’s been a while since posting the last pictures on the Pioneer Braid Quilt…have been sewing on them, and on the units that will go inbetween them when they are set.It’s time again to see them together and see what can be sewn to what! That will probably happen this week early, and then will post those pictures too.

Here are some pictures of last nights efforts.

01 28 2011– picture will enlarge if clicked on

this is the first audition of units together, all with a couple of sub units(the checks rectangles). this looks good to me, and balanced in color, and saturation.

01 28 2011 More Pioneer Braid Units-click on pictures to enlarge

And some waiting for the side and top pieces

and here’s a jumble of strips cut waiting to become prairie braids!

01 23 2011

Have been sewing on the Pioneer Braid and made a few decisions—-one is that i want to keep the braid sections in rectangles, 23-24 inches length wise as the max..then sew strips all around them to stabilize the bias edges. they will be put together as rectangles in different orientations within brightly colored boxes–here are three of them..

here are some of the strips of fabric that have been used….. there are more than this, and will be LOTS more than these, but this what fit on the top of the scanner when i was taking the picture.


01 22 2011
Wouldn’t you know the camera battery needs recharged…it seems that it needs recharged after every download of the pictures…this is definitely not a camera to take for travelling unless you want to stock up on several batteries to take along…

that said,here is a scan of last night’s efforts…there are 4 other braid strips in the works…but this one will give an idea of how varied the fabrics are, and how scrappy the quilt will end up being.

The battery charged relatively quickly this time, so here is an “in process” shot……lol…..in the process of making a huge mess!

Using a Brother DC 2010 and i like the way it sews for the most part. Using a 1/4 inch foot is the way to go. I will say however, if you ever buy a big name product, get it at a dealership of some sort that sells machines and don’t bother with the ones in the big box stores. The things made for big box stores are usually made to a somewhat lower standard and will not last for long or perform as well.
Ahaaaaa…just what i have been looking for….the Friday night sew in…
On the sidebar you will see a button for the blog that started it all…i am so excited to be doing this, working along with others all over the country if not the world!

See you all tomorrow night in stitches!