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04 20 2011

Never in my life did i think i would get so excited about a potholder….honestly! I have been trying and trying to get some skill on attached binding and having all the corners lay flat, and the miters be mitered….also i really wanted to make something useful for me that was also not something that wasn;t good enough to give away.

Here is a needlelace heart..i don;t think i posted this before, but it is getting mailed in the morning.It will be
stuffed once it arrives.

And finally a mug rug i made for the organizer of the mug rug swap as a sort of small thank you….

Have been doing a lot of thinking about AD(alzheimer’s disease)and the concept of self…not from the standpoint of no-self, but from the side of functioning in daily life….i have heard people say that the person with AD is not the person they knew….in many big ways of course that is a sad truth…but who is it then?
If your mother has AD and you say, that’s not my mother, she isn;t in there anymore…then is “”mother”” and the relationship with mother only an artifact of relating to brain coordinated activities? Didn’t this person still change your diapers..and everything else in preparation for you to in the world?Is she not still your mother, albeit a mother with a brain disease? Is what we are finally really only seated in the brain?


03 25 2011

Friday already…and a good day to stitch since it’s quite chilly outside.
Here’s what got worked on today- trying to sew an exactly straight line without any stretching or other distortion of the fabrics. Among the many other suggestions(which will all get tried , one by one) was this one by Margaret P. from Australia. She said to try a quilt as you go type method. Make your strip sets, then do the subcuts. Then instead of sewing the subcuts together sew them down to the batting and backing all in one step. It did help to keep them from distorting into totally wonky squares(read, NON-squares.)

Once all the binding was one, did a little embroiderty. Also realized, once again that making the miters is ok, but darned if know how to keep my corners straight and also from having all kinds of excess bulk. Guess that’s the next thing to focus on!

Here is the front-it’s about 6 inches square.

and here’s the back-

Happy stitching everyone. More tomorrow!

03 23 2011

Lots going on and there are some wonderful things that have happened…last night was Ryaku Fusatsu at the
Zen Center of Pittsburgh. This is a very ancient service in which those participating renew their comittment to the 16 bodhissatva precepts.These precepts are not commandments, but rather are a guide to compassionate and useful ways of being in the world.Applying them to daily life is not a matter of black and white rules, but of how best to interpret them in a given situation, and also serve as a matrix from which to BE.

There is much chanting and the ino (a temple job position) leads it. Ryan was our ino last night and his chanting resonates . Not only does he have a beautiful chanting voice, but the intonations and his rendering are just beautiful. Ryaku Fusatsu takes place once a month, on the Tuesday nearest the full moon.

The Seasons BOM yahoo group recently hosted a rug mug swap. What a great way to practice piecing skills and make something small and useful.

The one made for Pat S.(my secret swap partner) is the blue and white ladder one that was posted.

Then there is this one, made for me by Kathy Bowers. She also inclluded a copy of her book, which can be found here .Stitch,Sprit and Sew is about making curved piecing a breeze! It will wonderful to get started on the projects that are included.

Here is some information about Kathy, and I can add that she is a delight!

And here is the mug rug that she made using her techniques. It is such a beauty that i have it hanging on the refrigerator as a piece of cheer.

I think the fabrics are so pretty, and the colors are so clear and clean. You should see the mitering, frot and back. Of course only the front is here showing, but be assured,the mitering on the back is perfect too!

Even though there is much more happening, this is it for this post.

May you be well, and happy stitching!

03 19 2011

Yesterday was FNSI..Friday Night Sew IN and I made a mug rug…those things are’s not going on the page for FNSI because that page is mostly the progress for my brother’s pioneer braid quilt.

If you haven;t been over to Heidi’s, do go…even if you are not able to join the Sew In,the blog is fun and it’s a great starting point to go sightseeing from…I mean -site-seeing…lol…

amd here is the mug rug.

may all be well…

03 17 2011

Just a little practice on getting the 1/4 inch seam right on the sewing machine…you can see from this that it really wasn’t.

This just a little 4 inch coaster thing…..

02 25 2011

The Mug Rug is done….it was a challenge to figure out how to get the embroidery on there once the decision to add it was made. All that is left is to embroider my signature on the back…

02 24 2011

The Season’s BOM group on yahoo is hosting a mug rug swap. I had to look up mug rug on google to see what exactly we were talking about. I figured it was a small quilted coater sized thing, but looking at theflickr group for scrappy mug rugs showed something else. Yes, a little quilted thing, big enough to hold a cup of whatever and a few cookies….rectangular and wow! were some of them spectacular.

So, armed with some tentative ideas i set to work and promptly made a mess…the little three inch nine patches on point have totally mismatched seams on the strips i used to frame them…(not the triangles, but the strips around them).And it ended up being quite large actually….so on to the next try!

A blue and white print along with white.It looks ok, and am adding embroidery around the inner white rectangles. What a teaching thing making that was… may notice that one of the white rectangles has a “”shadow” on one short side…thats where the seam allowance didn;t stay in the orientation it was pressed in.
Hopefully, once the middle layer and backing is on it won;t be so noticeable. I will keep making these little things till there is one good enough to send to my secret partner!