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04 23 2011

Here’s a holiday card..made with an offcut from a machine being demonstrated at a local sewing shop. The offcut is the green background. They were making green trees, and i asked for the offcuts. Amy is about the sweetest person i know and gave them to me. Two years later, this is the card that got made from the first cut.

The offcut already had fusible web on the back, so it got ironed onto the red fabric square. The red was fused to some medium weight pellon prior to having the offcut put on..then a machine buttonhole all around the inner edge of the red tree ..some beading…then the backing. The backing fabric was fused to paper fusible, and ironed onto the card. A very close and wide zig zag finished the edges rather well. There are a few fuzzies but they will be cut off.

With three or four more of these offcuts there is room to play with embellishments on the tree.


04 05 2011

A small experiment using machine zig zag stitch to embroider(and scraps of course to make the background). The picture will enlarge if clicked once or twice.