Every once in a while incessant whining about small things gets to me and i just want to slap the crap out of the person whose whining has become a daily thing…and then, since i really wouldn;t slap the crap out of anyone …i just make up a funny thing…sort of like a sweet tart….lol…maybe not so sweet though, but tart for sure!

WHAT a rotten day!!!!!!
not one thing has gone my way!
woke on up and there’s no sun
its windy and dark, life’s no fun!
the garden needs tending
but there’s too much rain,
life is just such a damn pain!
and when it’s sunny,
it’s way too hot
so out in the garden,
you know i’m not.

Love to be busy
but everything hurts
can only do things
in fits and spurts
damn these bones,
and damn this life
all it is is bother and strife

my mother’s demented
my husband’s disabled
my brother’s not married
he eats at my table.
taking care of him leaves me harried

laundry, shopping,that’s my call
cleaning and mopping
and pay the bills, all!
there is just no way
i;ll ever be happy
life is just too damn crappy!