Friday already…and a good day to stitch since it’s quite chilly outside.
Here’s what got worked on today- trying to sew an exactly straight line without any stretching or other distortion of the fabrics. Among the many other suggestions(which will all get tried , one by one) was this one by Margaret P. from Australia. She said to try a quilt as you go type method. Make your strip sets, then do the subcuts. Then instead of sewing the subcuts together sew them down to the batting and backing all in one step. It did help to keep them from distorting into totally wonky squares(read, NON-squares.)

Once all the binding was one, did a little embroiderty. Also realized, once again that making the miters is ok, but darned if know how to keep my corners straight and also from having all kinds of excess bulk. Guess that’s the next thing to focus on!

Here is the front-it’s about 6 inches square.

and here’s the back-

Happy stitching everyone. More tomorrow!