Lots going on and there are some wonderful things that have happened…last night was Ryaku Fusatsu at the
Zen Center of Pittsburgh. This is a very ancient service in which those participating renew their comittment to the 16 bodhissatva precepts.These precepts are not commandments, but rather are a guide to compassionate and useful ways of being in the world.Applying them to daily life is not a matter of black and white rules, but of how best to interpret them in a given situation, and also serve as a matrix from which to BE.

There is much chanting and the ino (a temple job position) leads it. Ryan was our ino last night and his chanting resonates . Not only does he have a beautiful chanting voice, but the intonations and his rendering are just beautiful. Ryaku Fusatsu takes place once a month, on the Tuesday nearest the full moon.

The Seasons BOM yahoo group recently hosted a rug mug swap. What a great way to practice piecing skills and make something small and useful.

The one made for Pat S.(my secret swap partner) is the blue and white ladder one that was posted.

Then there is this one, made for me by Kathy Bowers. She also inclluded a copy of her book, which can be found here .Stitch,Sprit and Sew is about making curved piecing a breeze! It will wonderful to get started on the projects that are included.

Here is some information about Kathy, and I can add that she is a delight!

And here is the mug rug that she made using her techniques. It is such a beauty that i have it hanging on the refrigerator as a piece of cheer.

I think the fabrics are so pretty, and the colors are so clear and clean. You should see the mitering, frot and back. Of course only the front is here showing, but be assured,the mitering on the back is perfect too!

Even though there is much more happening, this is it for this post.

May you be well, and happy stitching!