Just had to share this picture of my dinner….used a recipe from Martha Rose Shulman’s book Gourmet Vegetarian Feasts. It was gift from Donna who hosts the Vegetarian Group on yahoo. this is a great group of people, and Donna is just the sweetest person in the world. She knows so much about cooking and baking, and just shares it all. I highly recommend the group. No, you don;t have to a vegetarian to join, but there is no information or recipes about meat..just really good and wonderful recipes for vegetables dishes of all kinds. We all eat vegetables, right?

Anyway, i now have a camera, the Canon Power Shot. I’d like to say it’s great, and i can say that it takes good pictures. However, it’s definitely not the camera to take anywhere unless you have several batteries always charged. A dozen photos ad the battery needs changed. Every time. I mention this by way of saying that it was easy to take picture of this good looking Mushroom Tart.It also has onions and cheese, what could possibly be bad! The recipe for the whole wheat crust is also in the book. The dark spots are not burned, they are very dark baby portobella mushrooms. It turned out so well, it’s just so exciting to have used a great recipe and NOT messed it up….lol….