The Season’s BOM group on yahoo is hosting a mug rug swap. I had to look up mug rug on google to see what exactly we were talking about. I figured it was a small quilted coater sized thing, but looking at theflickr group for scrappy mug rugs showed something else. Yes, a little quilted thing, big enough to hold a cup of whatever and a few cookies….rectangular and wow! were some of them spectacular.

So, armed with some tentative ideas i set to work and promptly made a mess…the little three inch nine patches on point have totally mismatched seams on the strips i used to frame them…(not the triangles, but the strips around them).And it ended up being quite large actually….so on to the next try!

A blue and white print along with white.It looks ok, and am adding embroidery around the inner white rectangles. What a teaching thing making that was… may notice that one of the white rectangles has a “”shadow” on one short side…thats where the seam allowance didn;t stay in the orientation it was pressed in.
Hopefully, once the middle layer and backing is on it won;t be so noticeable. I will keep making these little things till there is one good enough to send to my secret partner!