Here a couple of pictures taken last night of my two furkids…Maggie is the clipped down westie(white dog)
and the big guy(cream colored) is Sin Huevos. Click on the pictures and they will open to a larger size in a new window.

Also here is a photo of some amazing threads I recieved from Susan N. of Desertsky Quilting

Thie pink and white piece of knitting they are sitting on is a quite large and thick dishcloth. It”s made with two strands of cotton, one is the regular worsted weight cotton in white, and the second strand is a fine pink and white all cotton yarn. the basic pattern is the basic dishcloth that wears like iron and everyone loves:

Using the needles of your choice:
cast on 4
knit one row
Row 2) knit 2, yo,k2
repeat row two till you think you like the size, or till 44 stitches are on the needles(the rows will be, k2, yo,k to the end of the row).
Row 3) knit 1,knit 2 tog,yo,knit 2 tog, knit to the end of the row.
Repeat row three till there are 4 stitches on the needles.
Knit next row and bind off. Weave in edges.

This is the dishcloth that gives you that nice edge all around.