February is coming in blowing and snowing, and generally helping us appreciate spring and summer.And snuggling up inside …and being glad to have an inside to be in.

Uploaded a heart to the 2011 Heart BOM page, the tab is at the top of the blog….it’s a heart for July and is the second one for that month. Started with the embroidery..the white square is 6 inches and the fabric around the inner square brings the block to much larger. I keep the block borders larger so that it can be trimmed by the recipient to whatever size they like or need. The fabric just said summer to me, and summer for me is July….july hot and riotous in it’s colors,feverish in sense assault from everything blooming, all the things possible to do, gardening, swimming, just being outdoors in bright sun and bright blue sky. Hope you will take a look and enjoy.

And here is an image also to enjoy…. a painting by Dufy, 1937, called Anemones. Again, click on the image and it will enlarge.