Finally took some pictures of a little mat i made not too long ago. It;s very stiff, the inside is craft felt, and i use it in the kitchen on the counter to put under the coffee maker. It is made completely of odd strips of really cheap fabric. It isn;t cotton, and was probably 50 cents a yard offcuts. Don;t ask me why i even had any. I just made it to use up the little pieces i found. After having it sit around a bit, i found that i really like the colors together, and so i put a binding on it and now it’s being used.Maybe it’s 10 by 13?

And here is some knitting. The first is a really small moebius strip practice piece….i mean really small, i think it’s maybe 4 iinches around(in the center opening) and 8 inches or so deep, if you could lay it flat. i used the cast on technique by Iris Schreier.. If you click on her name it will take you to the You Tube Video where she shows how to do it.
Doing this was total fun and amazing to see it develop.

The next is also a very small thing. It’s a practice piece also. I knit 9 stitches on dpn’s, about 2 inches or so worth, then put 6 on a holder. Took the three on the needle and made icord for 4 inches…..then knit it onto the base, picked up the second three and did the same, weaving the second icord through the first before knitting it onto the base, then repeated with the last 3 stitches. I have no idea where i would ever use this technique but it sure was fun figuring it out….

And last and probably least, are some little hearts cut out and ready to be needleturn appliqued onto a block. The small red ones are about 2 inches at the most from the bottom point of the heart to the curve at the top..the larger blue ones are maybe 4 inches but i don;t think so..maybe 3 and a half. At any rate, they are not overly large.