The second heart for March is on the Heart Bom page. The page tab is at the top of the blog, and you can click on the picture to get a larger view. It’s a cotton cq heart, and the daffodil on it(lower right corner) had the yellow petals and trumpet part detached .That was fun to do, and a bit of a challenge since it is pretty small.

Still working on the Pioneer Braid quilt top for my brother….also very fun! the beginning of that is on the FNSI page, or..the Friday Night Sew In….the button for that is on the sidebar and even though the “official” sew in is only once a month, friday nights are a good night to set aside specifically for sewing..especially on this quilt top! Am not making quilt length strips of the braid, doing much shorter units and putting brightly colored strips around them..they will then be assembled and spaces will be filled around them with 9 patches and checkerboards, also in highly saturated colors. As more units get photographed, that’s the page they will be on.

In the meantime….here is something to make us think of spring…and even though parts of the country have had non-stop snow and bitter cold, spring will for sure come this year, and with it all the flowers we love!