is where you will find the heart blocks i have made so far for the Sewbuds 2011 Heart BOM exchange. There are six of us and we are going to go around twice….we make a heart each month, 8 inch square, finished size. It can be any technique we want and toward the end of the month a name will be drawn and that person will get all the blocks. We will do this untill everyone has a set of blocks including one we’ve made ourselves.

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this is a very fun thing we are doing. Getting to use any technique we want means we can experiment and try new things, or get back into things we may have not done in a long time.

Here is a block that started out as me trying to do something, not having it work particularly well, and ending up with having something entirely different. I call this “Country Checkers…it’s about 13 or so square and will be a mat of some sort..