It is the new year…another year, this one called 2011 on the calendar. That construction by which many folks have agreed to abide for convenience in ordering and non legal. They are useful things, calendars, watches , clocks., timers…..all useful in helping to be compassionate, ourselves useful, and considerate. It makes it easier to agree on some things and then know that we are on the same page about small details and some not so small…like, when is the flight leaving, when do i have to be at the airport, being on time for a scheduled meeting, phone call and the like. But these things are not time itself, only markers.I was thinking about all the “new year” markers there could be….is it a new year when we go back to school in september, another new year on our birthday, and then another new year on marriage anniversaries…what about the moment you realized you were in love, or learned that the world was not black and white, or that you would have to mother yourself on some question or another….or that sometimes children die before their parents.What calendar is that on? Can “time”(the very notion of which is also a construct) exist without you existing? Is there an actual thing called time-?Does a notion of time have meaning without motion, without activity, DOING? We talk about spending our time, but really we are spending our life, using our life, using our body up …and then the question becomes – how, why? What for?

A good book:

EACH MOMENT IS THE UNIVERSE, Zen and the Way of Being Time
by Dainin Katagiri.
ISBN 978-1-59030-408-2(Hardback) published by Shambhala Publications in the US.
available from them, or Amazon.