Lots of pictures today. I want to show some of the things i got in the mail from fabulous people…of course i only know fabulous people…..

here’s a postcard from Maureen B. the trees are overlaid and somehow fused to a really soft fluffy background. It’s so pretty, and maureen is just good!


And here’s a postcard that is a perfect visualization of where i would want to be most of the time…when daydreaming, i swear this is the picture i see. Maureen C. is a veteran postcard maker and so artistic!


I think the two blues are so amazing.Can you see yourself on the beach there under a huge beautiful sky??


The next few images are paper cards that came from friends and are so lovely. I have really gotten to adore snowmen and of course you have to know i am a kind of design junkie…so  the one with angels is so pretty!


This is from Cris C…aren;t those angels lovely…just floating there!


This fits into the great design and snowman category………….lol….it’s from La Rae L.


This is from a friend Tom and his wife Sheryl(not sure if this is the right spelling). Do you see these snowmen cards in wool felt….I do!


And last, here’s a pieced heart block by Cris R. for the Sewbuds Heart BOM … it’s a beauty, and perfectly pieced. The color is so dramatic without being loud and in your face screaming mimi purple!



And here is the last of the three knitted ornaments, The colors are not true for some reason. The darker green is very dark, the lighter green is more green than it shows and the pink is the same pink as the candy striped one I posted a few days ago.