Here’s Maggie, Sin Huevos and an ornament i knitted!


maggie is a west highland terrier rescued from an Amish Puppy mill from Berlin Ohio. She is 7 years old and had never been out of her crate, being used as a breeder dog…. an amazing little girl….very affectionate, stubborn, smart…..she should have been named the Unsinkable Molly Brown….



this next guy is  Sin Huevos, i’ve had him since he was about 4 months old, got him from a private shelter in West Virginia. He is a mix of Great Pyrenees and Norwegian Elkhound… he is just my boy, what can i say….


And this next photo is also something i am proud of….finally got the hang of using double pointed needles. Used size three , bamboo 5 inch double points, a set of five….i like working on four needles and knitting with a fifth. There was no pattern for this ornament, i just figured it out as i went along. This is the first thing i have knitted on them.