There are a lot of birthdays this week for people i know! Susan N. and Janie J. are birthday twins with a shared birthday of December 12! That’s pretty cool, i think…of course it;’s a coincidence……..of course there are no cosmic workings here, but it is still a fun thing and especially to know them both!

One of the women in my knitting group, Karin had her birthday yesterday. She is an amazing lace knitter….wish i could direct you to a site where she shows her work, but she doesn;t have one!

And Kyoki Roberts,the head priest from Zen Center of Pittsburgh has a birthday the 17th.

And my brother P. is having his birthday tomorrow, the 11th!  Wish i was in Philadelphia to help him celebrate. Friends of his and my other brother D. are getting together at a restaurant ..enjoy!

Last night after knitting i came home and made a birthday card from a preprinted redwork block. I don’t remember who designed the yardage it is from,,quite possibly alex anderson….here is what i came up with………..nothing fancy, but cheerful i think,….


So Happy Birthday to karin, Kyoki,Susan,Janie, and my much loved brother P.

Needless to say i have missed a universe full of people who have been born this month…..if you happen to chance on the blog…Happy Birthday to you too! Leave a comment about how you are celelbrating, that would be neat!