It was a quiet day here, as are most of  my days, really. Quiet inside, and quiet out. The weather was moody…rainy and cold this morning, then rainy and not so cold this afternoon. I was myself quite comfortable. The past few days or so i have been very cold, at least one of my arms and that hand have been like ice. Today was a welcome change  from that.

Listening to the radio and hearing stories about feasts and family or is it family and feast……lol….makes me realize that this day is about so much more than genetics and food, but at bottom, and it is expressed in so many ways , it is about sharing what we have, and sharing what we feel.How many people invite almost strangers to the table without hesitation on this day…that might not otherwise? How many people say Happy Thnaksgiving and really mean it ….my take is that many many people say’s not automatic as are some greetings on other holidays. 

We Buddhists talk about appreciating a human birth as the one that affords the most opportunity to wake up.For me, it is also the one that is about an aware gratitude. And even though i have  spent the holiday without the feast and the family has been spent in gratitude not only for my human birth, but for the existence of all beings.