This is an embroidery done by Margaret from Australia…it was enlocosed in a package with a map of Australia and everyone’s name written in on the map near where they live…i love both things and they are both hanging in my kitchen on my quite huge(6 by 4 feet) bulletin board. I am not going to talk about the embroidery really….except to say that in person it is stunning and i can;t imgine doing anything this good…or deserving to have anything this good done by someone else! i AM  however uploading the image  file  in it’s original size and all you have to do is keep clickiing to enlarge it in order to see the amazing detail on the stitches!


I wish you could all come over for some tea and cake and sit around and admire this beauty….the embroidery is mounded  on the blue fabric which has been quite stiffened with backing and made into a hanging that yoy can put a little paper pad into(you can;t see the hanging strap below the embroidery panel)  so you can make grocery lists etc. Myself, am thinking this the stuff of needlework collections and end up in museums!