Decided to try something new…found a pattern for a roundish dishcloth knit on two needles using short rows. The pattern had a bunch of  slip 1’s and  i decided to try it on 8 stitches only! and in garter stitch so that i could see the mechanics of it ..welll, it worked pretty good in that i did in fact end up with something roundish . Then i decided to see what would happen if……………… so i picked up a pair of circular needles and a crochet hook and proceeded to pick up stitches all the way around the disc….no, no counting, just making sure  it looked like it would knit at least one round  and still be flat..the first round i did increase in almost every stitch, then again increased quite a lot in the second round…anyway,one of the ways that i kept track of the increases was not only by having a marker at the beginning of the round, but also decided to use a k2 p3 rib so i could put the increases where they might look ok etc etc..

by now you are aware that i know nothing about knitting orginal designs lol….but do have fun trying different things and seeing what the results might be!

Here it is….it will be a bag! Am to the point where i think knitting steady is the ticket and it will be fun to see how this turns out.