Yes, it has been a while…but here are somethings I have done  to tuck into gifts that will be given. I do love knitting, and dischloths etc are quite good to do. You get to try out a pattern, actually make something useful, and it doesn;t take forever. Cloths done in cotton wear forever , so yes, i love them…lol..\


This cloth was done from the lozenge pattern in the book   Fifty Fabulous lace Stitches byRita Weiss. It was an enjoyable one to do, and because of the repeats lengthwise, it was easy to see the development of the pattern and see clearly that the stitch you were working was the right one…and it was easy to learn that if you did “this”, then “that” is what happenedin the fabric.This is the first lace pattern i have knitted and glad that it was available to do!



This is of course the same yellow cotton yarn and the same pattern, but condensed. I removed all the repeats in between the pattern rows(only four of them) and kept the wrong side row the same-it’s a purl row , which means that the front of the cloth is nice and smooth….lol…I really like this cloth, and like this pattern….and what i really love is that i was able to see how to adapt a given pattern ..albeit a simple one, and a very simple adaptation.

The book 50 Fabulous Lace Stitches is a pattern book, there are no projects and very few notes.



This is done in bright white cotton and the pattern for the whole cloth comes from the I LOVE DISHCLOTH site.

The pattern is very easy to knit and  comes out so nice and soft….very pretty to me….



This oneis crocheted and uses a simple  shell stitch pattern. It’s not very big, but ut us very thick and kthristy and will make a nice cloth. I hope the folks that find these cloths in their mail like them.