Molly’;s block is so lovely, you have seen the in porgress pics, and here is the last of the work that is done on it….the next stop will be home to Molly. This is her fist cq bloc ever and she did a great job with the piecing AND the construction! That means, all the seams were fully sewn and none ravelled out from the stitching, and on top of that, the construction fabric she used was a loose enough weave that i could actually pull the silk ribbon through without using a pliers! Maybe having to do that in the past when the fabric was way too tightly woven to be appropriate foundation fabric for cq is what has put me off doing silk ribbon!

At any rate, here is a pic of what i did on Molly’s block. I did the basket and the button and bead flowers and then the silk ribbon to the right in the brighter green patch.