So here it is monday again………and another week starts along with appointments, house work,work practice at the zen center, embroidery on  projects…along with the chance to live deeply in every moment…this last is not easy… easy to slip into unconcious thought patterns and behavior…old habits ingrained by old training .

Have been dejunking, de-cluttering, and cleaning a bit. Also, big news, actually gardened a bit last week! It was fabulous to dig in the dirt  again, pull weeds, and……….i even planted onion sets. Reverend Kyoki was an organic farmer in a former life and really knows how to teach the “lay of the land”….(if you see a pun in this, it was intended………lol).  The vegetable garden at the Zen Center is really quite amazingly laid out, with paths all around the beds and watering hoses sprinklers all attached to the pump. Onions, potatoes, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, various greens, asparagus  and other things are being grown this year. There are flowers beds all around the buildings, along with trees, flowering bushes , fruit trees and blueberry bushes too. This is the first year in quite a few that i have been able to get on the ground and dig weeds, etc. Such a good feeling to do something physical that is also fun!

Here is a vintage birthday card….for everyone having a birthday this month…and everyone who isn’t…….

Thought it would be a nice one to print and embellish.