Untill i finish working on the first patch of a private rr i’m in, i decided to post some vintage postcards or other images…

This rr is really a patched wallhanging, about 16 by 24 maybe and i did the initial patching of the piece, then it will be sent around to be worked on…there are just a very few of us doing it, the patches are on the large size, but that is good i think….means that no one has to worry about making tiny stitches.

found some transfer paper specifically for laser jet printers and my printer is even on the list of  printers the paper is recommended to work with!  This is very very cool as i have a ton of images that would just be wonderful to print onto fabric in some way. Even black and white outline drawings would be so much easier( i think.lol) to transfer this way than to trace.

Also on the list of things to look for are transfer pencils…the old fashioned kind that hyou draw with then iron on ….looked in Joanne’s and walmart, no luck. Will have to look online .The old fashioned dressmakers carbon was wonderful, made of wax, and it came it colors so you coud really trace onto dark fabrics with ease and clarity.Now they make with a chalk layer and the marks don;t last, don;t always show up etc etc. One more thing that you pay money for that doesn;t work.