This Sunday at the Zen Center of Pittsburgh we are celebrating Buddha’s birthday. We will sit zazen and have a service dedicated to celebrating and expressing gratitude for the birth of the buddha.   As after every Sunday service Kyoki will give a dharma talk and then we will have tea and some treats. Of course on this Sunday we will be having birthday cake! Yes, it will say Happy Birthday Buddha.Here  are some links that explain some of the ways that Buddhists celebrate this event and why…

Wikipedia-a very basic and somewhat dry approach but there is good information in there…….

PBS Documentary– whiile not about the birthday celebrations around the world(AFAIK) this documentary coming up the first week in  April is being widely talked about. I really really hope my l ocal station carries it.

Found a link to the celebration in Perth, Australia, it looked interesting so i will for sure go back and see how they do things!

There are a number of sites that are dedicated to holidays around the world, and also some that are connected to travel agancies that explain various festivals.  Here is one that i thought seemed pretty decent.

In Hartford Connecticut the buddhist community has a garden that they have named, appropriately enough, Lumbini garden. Here is a small press release about their celebration.

And lastly, a poem about the birth.

Happy Birthday Buddha!