Here is a scan of jane’s whole block after i worked on it….i did a lot of little things  since there was no real space left to work on a patch….For some reason(and i think it’s because the scan is huge!) the pic is not showing up, but if you click once, you will see an overview and if you click twice you will see the block up closer (lots closer!)

Going from left side, down and around the block….on the border—

added the red buttons around the button cluster, added the round filligree ball and the two little star buttons…added the holly leaves and sequins with read beads…. turning the corner there is a long dark red cylindrical bead  which i added then the two glass green leaf beads and the cluster of leaves in between them…..going up the right side now there are some red bugle beads and dark green beads on top of the yellow button hole stitch….on the top right hand corner there are some added yellow and red french knots..along the top from right to left i added the bright 1/2 buttonhole wheel in green  yellow and red thread… and added a few bugle beads to the poinsetta….in the patches themselves i added beads to the christmas tree star, and the red lazy daisy stitches around the beads in the all red patch below the tatted snowflake. I added red french knots downb a feather stitch seam and also knots in a sparkly mettalic thread around the herringbone seam….and lastly i taked down the edges of both the tatted snowflake and the green crocheted heart.Oh, and i did the bright yellow  buttonholing around the inner edge of the border.

I was not actually going to do very much of that stuff at all since it involved working with and directly on othr people’s motifs, but i asked jane and she said “bead it up! i tried and i really hope you like Jane …