Well, here it is and i playing catch up….had some minor surgery and the anaesthesia did me in. I thought i would be fine the next day – hah….took a week. But ok, lots of eye candy to share….

For this post there are pictures of a christmas block that Jane C. is going to make into an album cover. It has been worked on through two round robins…one in the original group she sent it through, and then the second in a small group i am in. I am the last to work on it and i have to say it will be a challenge to work up to the bar set by the others. I hope the scan is not too dark to see all the beautiful work. It is an amazing block and i really learned a lot just by looking at it.

Once i do my work on it, i will rescan it and also scan in some sections so that nothing is left out. Having a scanner with a smaller than necessary screen is really a pain! I hope you can see the stitching clearly though, there is so much going on in this block…and it hangs together so well.

OK….there are more scans of other blocks i need to take before the next post…..but don’t forget to check out the alphabets page  to see what else has been uploaded.