The most lovely thing happened today….a box came in the mail from Janie J.  janie and i have been online buddies for a long time now…and really, even though we haven;t met i personally think we are  buddies, not “online” buddies that you may or may not know in ten years,  won;t hear from if you leave the list you met on….we talk on the phone several times and year and make sure that we keep up as much as we can with the important things happening with each other…and like true friends not only do we shout each other on in the challenges and but we also take time encourage growth in the things we like to do….. one of the things janie likes and has become really really good at is threadpainting on her sewing machine. She has a lot of responsibility at home and is always busy….and if her family is not getting her attention, her threadpainting is…notice that i did not include  blogging!(hat’s why you all never see any of her work unless you get the image directly from her…and Janie doesn;t brag…she DOES.

All this leads up to i got a FRAMED threadpainted rose today in the mail. You can barely see it behind the glare of the glass but sorry folks….vbg, it’s not coming out from behind the glass.You will have to take my word for it that is beautiful-BEAUTIFUL!!!!!The rose bud is a dark red and the leaves are multicolored green…as they would be in real life when the sun is glinting on them…

It is going on the wall in my bedroom above the bed. There something else hanging there that i cherish as well, so the wall will be the wall of love for me!

Along with the threadpaiinting she included a book on landscape quilting showing mostly how to make smaller landscape quilts….and…………some tiny Mill Hill beads and…………silk ribbon…………and some hand dyed motifs!!1 Now, was this a treasure box or what! Janie, i know you wil probably not get time on the computer to read this post…..but i thank you publicly from the bottom of my heart for your thoughtful generosity and kindness.