Well, managed to get a scan of the central patch on Dee’s block before the desktop died again…..tried for several hours last night and again this morning to get the scanner to work with the laptop…no luck! I would like to say “oh well” and indicate that i am just as calm as can be ….but that would be a lie..lol….i’m semi calm now but overall the morning has been frustrating! And, we are snowing all over the place with a possible 12 inches over the next week, 7 or 8 of that in the next day or two! I’m a hair sick of being basically housebound, even though there are gazillions of things here to do!

This is a small patch, the butterfly was printed and i re-embroidered and beaded it…there were black lines on the winges and lots of little black dots around the outside…i replaced them with french knots around the outside and some french knots on the lower wings.I sure do hope Dee likes this.