The patch #9 is done. It doesn;t look as interesting in the scan as it does in person. I used a variegated finca perle cotton to put the BAS #1 week seam treatment int the strip and some of the colors are not so apparent in the scan. There was so little room left that i did just the tiniest herringbone on either side and put a bead in the spaces. After mulling it over for some time i figured out what to do in the circles and which colors….so…here it is. Hope you like it Dee.

Also, here are some black and white line drawings that would make pretty good motifs. There is enough empty space within the design area that you could really do all kinds of things!

The snow has been falling off the roof all night, and icicles dropped off the eaves yesterday….it was actually quite warm out according to the weather report. i was running fevers and chills and my car was not operable till the late evening…so in the house and in bed was I.  The car is  running now, the computer seems to be ok and I am feeling better too. At least with a good cup of coffee in the system there is some energy to foresee getting a few things done! Now isn;t that a nice treat!  :>)

Be hapy, be safge, be well….