Margaret P. from Australia made a mini quilt to send to the AAQI for their fundraising efforts on behalf of Alheimer’s research. There is a button on the sidebar if you want to know more about how you also can help in this effort.

Margaret;s quilt is 9 by 12 and will be donated as part of the “Priority” quilts efforts. AAQI requests mini quilts be able to fit into a U.S. postal service flat rate priority mailing envelope . These are 9 by 12. (Fit without folding or scrunching up!)

As usual click twice and it will enlarge. There isn;t a lot of detail to be seen (can;t see what isn;t in the original image) but you can tell that there is a lot of texture in the background. That is from the machine stippling Margaret did before adding the flowers. It adds so much texture, and color as well… i love the shadows that have been created. Am not sure what the silvery sparkles are from…not sure it is light from the camera flash, or something in the fabric. Either way, this is such a nice little quilt and i hope that it generates interest in and fund s for the AAQI.