First, I would like to say thanks ou to all the folks that have made such nice comments on the blog about what is posted…it’s like a collective hug…and that is soooooooooo nice!

Second, i have tons of stuff to get scanned and uploaded, but the desktop is failing and will be picked up  sometime today. Sooo, I am trying to do as much as I can on the computer before it either dies, or goes with the tech guy.

What this means, is that I have ONE thing scanned of the several that have to be, and i am blogging it now…

this is a postcard that i got in the mail from Maureen C. She sent me some copied directions and included this little gem. I love these fabrics, and I bet Margaret P, will too! Don;t these fabrics and colors remind you of the table runner that Margaret made for her sister? Maureen loves autumn and you sure can tell in this postcard.

Next is an image of Molly P.’s unadorned block for the FFT#12 round robin over on CQI that i have been talking about….this is a stunning block to my eyes…but you know how I love those bold designs and bold colors! I am really looking forward to working on this block, but I will be that last one before it goes home!

I think the central brownish block compliments the greens in the leaves wonderfully and the lighter brown patch next to it  looks like it might be perfect with the gold outlining. It’s hard to tell sometimes with scanners and monitors not being true to color  but it sure looks pretty perfect to me.

be happy, be safe