Please see the previous post today that expalins why the posts are being put piecemeal….it’s sort of liking driving faster to get to the gas station before you run out of gas……….lol…….

Three of us did what i call a patch robin….take a piece of backing fabric the size you want your finished piece to be…then put a patch on it and embroider your motif….the next person applique’s a patch next to the one you put down, and also embroiders on their patch before sending it on….and so on and so on…..we decided we would put all the patches down and then on the go around where all the space was filled, we would then add seam treatments…..

Rose Anne B., Dorothy M. and me….my block has three patches on it, one from each of us, Dorothy sent around a piece with gorgeous blues and tans..very mediterranean watery stuff. At that time I wasn;t keeping up with blogging so i didn;t scan anything.  Haven;t seen Rose Anne’s patch block yet, but i know it will be fun when i do get my hands on it> Both Rose Anne and Dorothy are superb stitchers, as the next images will show.

I put down a primitive bird with a saying…actually i wrote a little rhyming ditty but there’s no room for all but the first line….then Rose Anne put down the toad….i do adore that little critter and the aying she embroidered is so cute!  Then Dorothy made a patch of beautiful spring leaves….the back of this patch is as beautiful and even as the front!

And without further ado…here they are…..can you tell which one of us can;t do primitive embroidery????

Aren;t these last tow patches just something wonderful!

again, be safe, be well..