Kerry, has a continuing weekly challenge on her blog(click her name to get there) to use basic stitches or basic stitch  seam treatments to do what she calls- Build A Seam…it’s a very apt name because that’s what you do in crazyquilting. I have called it “layering” in the past but no matter what you call it, the idea is that you start by stitching one thing and keep adding to the basic work till you get something that works on the seam and with the rest of the block.It’s been going on for 48 weeks now, so the party has been going on for a while. I am starting here with week one…the intertwined half circles. The basic stitching, which you can see here is done with chain sttichdefinitely one of my all time favorite stitches. The half circles could easily be done in stem stitch, back stitch or running stitch….even buttonhole. While watching TV(Gasp!) the hands wanted to keep doing something, so a piece of grey polyester suiting was pulled off the table and a 4 inch square was drawn in. Then i took the circle drafting template and drew one inch circles across the middle. Some blue perle cotton was chosen for thread and away i went!

Here is the result…this will be backed with stiff iron on interfacing, then backed and sew round again to finish. LIke a post card, but the wrong size………lol…..however, it will end up as a gift in the mail to a special friend.

This actually a running stitch under neath the chain circles….and i know they look more like circles side by side than intertwining half circles(oh, maybe becasue that’s how they started out, but really it’s because that’s how they were stitched.

Anyway, i will probably be experimenting with the BAS #1 for quite some time.

be warm,be safe