A small group I belong to has had a sort of round robin going on , oh, let’s say for a while. I sent around a block I made that is about 8.5 by 11 finished size with all the patches appliqued on. After that i couched green yarn around every patch to make them very distinct. Many of the patches were green also. I rarely use white, but this time i am so glad I did because two of the gals added white venice lace motifs that are just perfect for this. I asked for no beads, buttons or sticky outy things as i wanted to make a cushion out of it. I love, love love this block, and i love everysingle stitch that is on it.

If you click it twice you will see it enlarged and in detail.

The second scan is one that has all the names on the different sections…hopefully  no one was left out. Asking everyone to sign the patch on the back is a real life saver for me, or i would not know what was what!

Once you see the block with all the names on it, go back and look at the stitching again without the printing….

You have no idea how excited I am with this block…and knowing that it will actually become something used and loved in my home!