Apologies to Kerry who left a comment. I have tried several times to get it to show up and tried several different things to see if they would work, but no luck. I appreciate your comment Kerry, and of course, all others who stop by and take the time to write some words. Thank you!

Western Pennsylvania has gotten hit by some heavy snow the last several days, with more predicted today and tonight, into tomorrow and through Friday. The area here did get 2 feet plus and with temps staying cold there would be no chance for it to melt off before the next bit came down…(yes, it is snowing as this is being written!)….so, i resigned myself to being snowed in for a week, maybe more. Not only had i given my snow shovel away, but i could not have dug myself out even if the thing were on the front porch. Wellll…..my reverend , Kyoki Roberts called me early this afternoon and came over with her two shovels….I did some( you know, some….as in just some, a little bit) and she did an amazing amount. Dug out all behind the car including all the snow that piled up when the snow plows came and cleared the streets, and then almost all of the way to my front door. And not only did she do it, but she did it fast! I love this woman…her physical strength is matched by her generosity of spirit and heart. Needless to say I am grateful to the core and amazed that anyone would think of doing that for me….she puts her practice into action. Thank you Kyoki, and thank you sangha for the existence of the Zen Center. And thank you Buddha for your teachings.

The Fabulous First Timers #12 round robin is coming right along. By March first 5 of us have to have blocks in the hands of the next person on the rotation. My little blue block is ready,  and it would have been mailed yesterday had it been possible to get to the post office. Of the five of us, this is the only blog, so naturally the the other four gals are welcome to share their blocks via this blog.

Cris has made a 10.5 inch block using a handkerchief in one corner. The colors are quite bold as you can see..and the piecing is wonderful. IT will be a joy to work on….alas, i am not going to be the first one to work on it….so hopefully there will be space for me!

If you have ideas of what YOU would do on this block, please feel free to comment. And of course tell Cris how pretty it is.!

be well, be safe…..love.