Here is the second of the small blocks…….on layer 3 and i am still not quite sure what direction this block is going….however, of course at a certain point it will be obvious and then it will start to come together in different ways.

The first block(the heavily beaded one) is still evolvig….a corner that seemed quite finished has turned out not to be….and the whole block is moving up a notch in terms of embellishing with stitches. That’ll be the next scan, and the next post.

In the meantime, it has snowed again here and is quite chilly…i love looking at it but am shuddering a bit at going out into the cold.

You can see that the pistil stitches on the very bottom need to be completed and am in the midst of embroidering the royal blue “scales” on to the red patch. There will only be the two rows of scales and the rest of the red patch will be the green “lace” type stitching.  i can see that this block will be as complicated at the beaded block! Just in a different way…hmmmmmmmm. How do YOU  decide how to put the seam treatments on an empty block?

Till later,

be well, be happy