Here is layer two on the seams for block 2- this was much tougher than i thought it would be….especially the herringbone stitched seam on the upper left…however, there was a nice surprise in doing the teal cross stitch seam on the right hand….i really liked the way the addition of the red buttonhole on either side of the cross stitches made it look self contained, and brought it much more to the fore, thus balancing that curved purple stitch on the left.

Started straightening up the embroidery room…and found some ufo heartsĀ  that i started…….these are the size used in the chain of hearts group, although these won’t be posted there for swapping….i think i am going to steal an idea from Maureen B. and when they are done being embroidered on they will become needle cases for gifts. Thanks Maureen! At any rate, when these blocks are done(there is a set of 4!) the heart ufo’s are next up to get worked on. It’s so nice to have the energy, both physically and psychically(spelling???) to embroider.