Taking a break from the first block and all the beading, the second of the four blocks Janie J. pieced for me was a venture into a different way to approach doing a block. Normally i put down one seam, and start to work on it, doing the building of the seam treatment in two or three layers before going onto another seam…usually each of the seams has about 4-6 layers of work ..and they evolve in relation to each other…on this block i decided to put down the skeletons of the seam treatments on each seam first and go from there….also decided that an “outline” of sorts was necessary. I have no idea where this block is headed, but it will certainly be a challenge to  bring all the patches into play with the one on the lower left. I have no idea what hat stitch is that i did but it sure was fun! And, no it is not a lazy daisy…although it might be some kind of twisted variation. They were all done one after the other similar to a rosette stitch(i think i remember the name correctly!)

You can see that there are some things developing already. It was hard to stop my self from just keeping on working with the same seam treatment till there was a more developed idea expressing itself….

Anyway, it sure was fun doing this block while watching the PBS station…first was Masterpiece Theater…Jane Austin-Emma…definitely have to get the book out of the library! The second was a film called”The Audition” which was a documentary based on the National Auditions at the Metropolitan Opera House a couple of years ago. Very amazing music and fantastic human interest…i wish i knew someone who could have recorded it cause it is certainly worth watching several more times. Although I love opera i never much paid attention to the libretto or story line, preferring to just react to the music….but seeing the drama of the performers made knowing the story line more important . Guess there is more reading on the list!