Having had coffee a little bit late in the day, staying up is the result! Not too bad either as I am at least not only up, but awake….doesn;t always happen that way when you have fibro etc etc. So many times the fog rolls in when the eyes open.

PC Stitch Pro is a cross stitch program that allows you to create charts digitally and it is so much fun to play with! Of course, if you are not basically a cross stitcher it is easy to make gorgeous charts that are not EVER going to be stitched(unless you think there is a BIGGGG market for charts that make T Wentzler look simple.lol) At any rate, some time ago i also purchased three books from Ruth Kern on cross stitch that are collections of antique designs put together by a Valerie LeJeune. Wonderful books and wonderful charts! Also, in the last few days I joined the cross stitch group over at Stitchin Fingers. The group is in the beginning statges of organizing a small card swap.
AHA she says………..a small motif from one of the Valerie;s books, good practice! What a bunch of lessons.

1. if you want to blend thread, test them together before using on your piece.
2.count, and then count a couple more times before making that first row of stitches.
3. think twice before deciding something is easy enough for you to do………..
4. i love complete coverage, but 3 strands is still too much for 14 count aida.

Hopefully this motif stitching will look good enough to use as a swap.

Of course it will be scanned and blogged when a little further along.

Also joined the 100 seams in 200 days..late but it’s ok…what a hopeful person I am….roflmao…one cup of coffee and the whole world seems do-able.

Tonight was surprisingly quiet considering it is the night before July 4th. Traditionally there are backyard fireworks for hours. Not tonight though.Good thing too, cause the pups would have been barking at every single pop!

Here’s the chart that i ended up making :