Well, I have sort of given up and started with the detailed lists again, along with timers to remind me when it is time to stop and do something else. This is especially necessary when i am at rest, as i have a big ball of inertia that wraps around my knees and goes up to my brain……….lol….I am also seriously considering taking advantage(if i can) of a wellness program offered by a local physical therapists office. What I really need is the elliptical machine and some supervised time doing some good stretches. It is 25$ a month and hopefully i will be able to do it.

I read in the news that the price of rice world wide is due to go up, and fairly drastically at that. IT is such a basic staple that I can;t imagine how already poorer than poor people around the world, and in the US as well are going to be able to deal with it….between gas prices and every increasing food prices people will be eating nothing but bread if they can even get it. I stocked up on lentils today a little bit since they are one of the main things i eat, along with rice and wheat berries.

I havbe finally called it DONE! A rectangular piece that was started way back when. All i need to do is scan the seams and then put the backing on it so that it can be a neck pillow. I will be happy to have it done, and to see it on the bed.

Have been busy designing some cross stitch and having a ball.

Here’s a freebie chart(color blocks that should print out at 7 inches square. It is for a 4 by 4 inch coaster and is fully covered with stitches. I really like my cloth covered!